Higgins Spring Photo

At Higgins we are fortunate to be situated in one of the world’s most fertile, productive and diverse agricultural regions – the Willamette Valley. We embrace the valley’s rich farming heritage and celebrate its remarkable seasonal bounty. The moderate climate supplies us with a year round steady stream of stunning ingredients with which we craft our menu of classic country dishes.

Autumn brings us a huge diversity of foods; a transition from the bounty of the late-summer garden - tomatoes, corn, peppers, beans and eggplant to the rubust flavors of squash and pumpkins, root crops, earthy forest mushrooms and cold crops nipped to sweetness by the first frosts.

Our menus reflect the changing seasons with preparations that celebrate the harvest.  The bright flavors of the last tomatoes and peppers are contrasted by the deeper richer flavors of chanterelles and artisanal cheeses.  Apples, pears, persimmons and other fall fruits provide sweet finales to the festive meals.


- Autumn 2014

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