Higgins Spring Photo

At Higgins we are fortunate to be situated in one of the world’s most fertile, productive and diverse agricultural regions – the Willamette Valley. We embrace the valley’s rich farming heritage and celebrate its remarkable seasonal bounty. The moderate climate supplies us with a year round steady stream of stunning ingredients with which we craft our menu of classic country dishes.

Spring's arrival rewards our patience with a succession of choice ingredients. Tender young greens and vegetables scented with the aroma of the moist, warming earth encourage us to lighten our cooking methods to best experience their delicate flavors. Lightly dressed salads, poached vegetables in marinades and quickly cooked main courses, showcase artichokes, asparagus, mache, dandelions, tender young peas, radishes and innumerable other early greens. We're treated to nature's re-awakening with firm and flaky halibut, vibrant salmon, herbaceous new lamb, succulent rabbit and woodsy morels. The flavors of our pastries and sweets brighten with the tartness of rhubarb and the earliest of fragrant and fragile local strawberries. As the days lengthen and the soil warms, each week brings us more culinary rewards. It's a change of seasons to celebrate.

- Spring 2015

Higgins Restaurant Photo
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