Higgins Spring Photo

At Higgins we are fortunate to be situated in one of the world’s most fertile, productive and diverse agricultural regions – the Willamette Valley. We embrace the valley’s rich farming heritage and celebrate its remarkable seasonal bounty. The moderate climate supplies us with a year round steady stream of stunning ingredients with which we craft our menu of classic country dishes.

Summer is vibrant flavors, bright aromas and a riot of colors and textures.  The earthy eggplants, exotic peppers, sweet-tart tomatoes, creamy corn, nutty chanterelles, basil, fresh garlic and olive oil highlight the flavors of the summer sun's harvest.

The Pacific yields us firm and moist wild Chinook, delicately sweet Albacore tuna chasting the warm summer currents, razor clams bursting with buttery goodness and gem-like Alaskan spot prawns.

Cooking now is quick and direct - grilling, searing, tart citrus marinades, simply blanched salads and fast sautes. 

On that final sweet note our dessert offerings celebrate plums, peaches, apricots and amyriad of Northwest berries.

- Summer 2015

Higgins Restaurant Photo
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